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Knowledge is Active

Every letter is meaningful.

E - Esther

L - Love

V - Vessel

A - Ademiju

E.L.V.A is a name, an identity, a purpose, and a brand.

E.L.V.A is about BEing.

It is about being a vessel of light and love.

It is about serving with my gifts, talents, and expertise.

It's about teaching to transform lives in all areas.

It's about reflecting the truth - Jesus.

It's about heralding the gospel of salvation.

And it is definitely about Glorifying the Father.

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About Us: About Us
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Bible Teacher
Nurse Educator
Relationship Coach

E.L.V.A  began with a dream and desire of Esther Love to utilize all her current and future gifts, talents, and skills in helping others. But, like many gifted yet frustrated, Esther Love was too.
She wondered how she could combine and do everything she wanted to do at once.
All glory to God, the vision for E.L.V.A was birthed, a brand with a mission and purpose of serving and being a vessel of light and love in our current service areas.
I, Esther Love Vessel Ademiju (E.L.V.A), am honored to be a vessel to serve you diligently here at E.L.V.A.

About Us: About Us
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